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Powerful pads for period

Innovative period pads,
Loved by over 85000+ strong women

Powerful pads for period

Innovative period pads,
Loved by over 85000+ strong women

How it Works?

1. Customize

Choose the pads as per your flow.

2. Get

Comfort pads delivered to your doorstep. Subscription goodies come with free Magnum box.

3. Give

With every purchase you make, we plant a sapling.

Pads with goodness

Our goal was to find feminine cashmere comfort in something pure & intrinsically natural. What better than Oxygen ? Pink Anee breathable pads naturally prevents survival of bacteria and yeast , balances skin tone and the list goes on.
Natural pads that are designed to be good for you, good for the earth.

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Period Pads

  • Innovative Leak-protection, Cashmere comfort, Rash-free, Toxin-free, Unique wider back build, Ultra-thin pads with wings.
  • 11x times the absorption.
  • Customize your organic pads according to your flow: Heavy, Medium or Light, we’ve got you covered!
  • Comes with individual disposal cover for hygienic disposal.


Soft liners that protect you from spotting and leaking. Stay fresh & dry throughout the day.

Why Pink Anee?

Loved by over

85,000+ women
Toxin free



as per your flow

With Individual

disposal covers

You can

alter, pause or cancel

automated delivery

Our Promise

From nature, for nature products are made out of
OCS Certified organic cotton
from Texas cotton farms grown
without synthetic chemicals.

Responsibly crafted for powerful women

Designed in India. Finest raw
materials from around the globe.
Manufactured in FDA certified
in East Asia & India.


Our biodegradable sanitary pads
are EN 13242 Certified
as the
compostable materials disintegrate
making disposal easy.

Our Cause

For every purchase of Pink Anee subscription, we plant a sapling and
continue to do so every month. We believe it’s theneed of the hour to fight
global warming and our responsibility as a community to safeguard the
environment for generations to come. Our passion for the cause shape
our products, initiatives and eventually, the world around us.